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Happy Easter, Happy Easter, Happy Easter

Happy Easter



Work-life balance

There is no denying that work is important. It is how we make a living and, at best, what we do for that living is rewarding, gives us self-worth and motivation, and justifies the need to go into the office every day. Work is an intrinsic part of life and without the worthwhile challenge of our day jobs, most of us would quickly become bored. At EVS Translations, our employees are challenged on a daily basis in their work and are sometimes pushed to the edge of their limits. During the hectic annual report season, for example, we often get inundated with orders, which increases our standard workloads and our working hours along with it. In such hectic periods, it is of prime importance – for our translators in particular – to strike a balance in their lives to ensure they can function when they come into work the next day and also so they don’t lose the enjoyment of translating.

Our employees’ lives matter to us and so we wanted to find out how the members of our team – from the translators to the accountants – unwind after work and recharge their batteries, and how this helps them to strike the right balance in their professional and private lives.



Global South- Atlanta’s international business boom fuels demand for language services

Atlanta demand language servicesIn 1859 a writer for the Industrial Journal labeled Atlanta a “city in the woods” referring to its lush surrounding and its history as a backwoods railway outpost that as recent as 1847 only had thirty residents. Today, of course, the ATL, or Hotlanta, is home to 5,500,000 million inhabitants and represents everything but a remote railroad town.

Today, Atlanta is the heart of a Southeastern economy that generates a GDP of $3.15 trillion, which would rank as the 7th largest in the world. Its rich transportation history and favorable geographic position have turned the city into one of the nation’s most important logistic hubs and distribution centers for importers and exporters alike. Atlanta is not only home to the world’s busiest airport but also thoroughly connected to major trucking routes and, by means of its Savannah port, global sea-traffic.



EVS Translations receives ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 15038 quality certification

iso and din quality certificationOffenbach, Germany – EVS Translations (, an international translation company and leading provider of industry-specific translation services, has received ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 15038 certification.

DIN EN 15038 is the only quality standard for translation services worldwide. It gives both translation services providers and their clients clear criteria for achieving and assessing the highest quality of language translation services.

EVS Translations was awarded these certifications by TÜV Rheinland - a globally recognised accreditation organisation that leads the way in the development of quality standards.



The Language of Energy – Translation Company exhibits at world’s largest exhibition for the gas industry

EVS Translations exhibited as the only language service provider at this year’s Gastech conference, the world’s largest and most renowned exhibition for the gas industry in London. The company provides industry specific translations of environmental impact assessments, well operation documents, geological surveys, and other documents related to the extraction and exploration of gas reserves.



Speaking the language of letting

An international translation company has moved into new premises in Nottingham city centre in a deal secured by property agents Innes England and FHP.

EVS Translations will be moving to Regent Street in the city centre as part of its programme of expansion.

The company, which has more than 100 in-house translators, proofreaders, project managers, DTP and IT experts across Europe and America, carries out over 20,000 translation and interpretation assignments each year.

With its head office in Germany, the UK hosts the largest international operation of EVS Translations Group. Other sites include Paris, France, Sofia, Bulgaria and Atlanta, USA, completing the group’s global reach. The UK branch of EVS Translations has now expanded its operation into much larger premises to manage its growth plans for the coming years.



EVS Translations will be exhibiting at the PETEX 2012

PETEX petroleum and oil exploration exhibitionEVS Translations is pleased to announce that will be exhibiting at the PETEX 2012.

PETEX is the largest subsurface-focused petroleum and oil exploration industry conference and exhibition in the United Kingdom.

PETEX is a trade exhibition highlighting the latest innovations and developments in exploration, production and subsurface technology.



EVS Translations will be exhibiting at the Gastech exhibition

gastech exhibition and conferenceEVS Translations is pleased to announce that will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Gastech exhibition.

Gastech is the natural gas industry premier event - a global meeting place for gas industry commercial and technical professionals.

The Gastech exhibition is a crucial showcase for the latest leading innovations, technologies and best practices, products, services and suppliers involved in the gas energy industry.



New manager for our Bulgarian location

Boyan Yordanov, Manager EVS Translations BGWe are very happy to welcome back Boyan Yordanov to the EVS Translations Team as General Manager for the Bulgarian Office in Sofia.

Boyan brings 8 years of experience to the team and will be responsible for sales and for managing large scale translations projects for Bulgaria. During his career Boyan has excelled in maintaining very high quality translation results for major key accounts within the IT sector, such as Microsoft. He is very familiar with complex and time-intensive projects and therefore brings great value to the team.



Plunet: automated translation processes management

As EVS Translations positions itself in the global corporate marketplace, our customers need a global translation management solution that can amalgamate quote and order management processes, invoicing and detailed reporting into one web-based platform. Being able to provide our clients with detailed reporting functionalities we are able to optimise our processes resulting in quality and efficiency improvements.

Plunet BusinessManager is a business management software that supports the full range of organizational structures and business processes within a company.