26 Jul/17


The term renewable formed within English on analogy of the Latin renovare (restore, revive), with the verb renew to appear first in print in The Wycliffite Bible circa 1390s, and the adjective to be first recorded nearly two centuries later, in the English translation of the A Paraphrase vppon the epistle of the holie apostle … Continue reading Renewable

12 Jul/17


Ozone is basically oxygen with the structural modification of having an extra atom, yet this extra atom makes a substantial difference.Continue reading Ozone

05 Jul/17


The gradual overpopulation of the busy urban areas in the last few decades has made many of us yearn for the serenity of the countryside.Continue reading Rustic

28 Jun/17


The relaxing and healing effect of water has been recognized and utilized through for centuries; and multiple studies have found that living close to a “blue space” – a sea, a river, a lake, or even a canal if you like, has positive impact on our well-being.Continue reading Maritime