28 Nov/16


A typical first world autumn problem – you have just nailed your near perfection summer personal style, then two weeks into sweater weather, and you are back to basics and already run out of ideas what to wear.Continue reading Minestrone

02 Jun/16


It is easy to go on the Internet and find a multitude of stories about food bringing people together and the love of a certain dish bridging the gap between individuals.Continue reading Calamari

11 May/16


Whether or not many of us are willing to admit it, the truth speaks for itself: we have a fascination with organised crime, and at the heart of it is today’s word.Continue reading Mafia

03 May/16


Though it has become more common recently, there are still many misgiving and misunderstanding regarding the word bankrupt.Continue reading Bankrupt

01 Apr/16


In the United States, coffee sales are increasing 20% annually and currently account for 8% of the $18 billion domestic coffee market.Continue reading Barista