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EVS Translations offer is destined exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.


Azeri-English Translation Service UK

EVS Translations UK offers professional translations from Azeri into English and from English into Azeri.
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Azerbaijani English Translation
English Azerbaijani Translation

Are you looking for an expert translation service for Azerbaijani/Azeri into English? Azerbaijani translators at EVS Translations can translate your corporate documents professionally from Azerbaijani to English or English to Azerbaijani.

Azeri – Medical and pharma

Translation of medication inserts and leaflets for our market leading client. Their key strategy is that new products are simultaneously shipped across all markets. By choosing EVS Translations as their translation partner, they achieve accurate medical inserts across their entire global reach, notably including Azerbaijani.

Azerbaijani/Azeri translations

EVS Translations is certified with more than 25 years of experience in Azeri translations, and is a trusted provider of quality Azerbaijani translations for corporations around the globe. Using a team of qualified and highly experienced Azeri translators, EVS Translations offers a professional translation service for all document types across all industry sectors. These translation services also encompass software localisation, transcreation for marketing campaigns, SEO and website translation in Azerbaijani, allowing you to take your products and services to the Azerbaijani-speaking market.

If you are interested in Azeri translation services from EVS Translations, call today at: +44-115-9 64 42 88 or request a free online quote.

EVS Translations has expertise in the following areas of translation:

  • Trade: crude oil, timber, cane sugar
  • Technical: construction, shipping, engineering
  • Legal and financial: local legislation, compliance, banking
  • Medical and pharma: drugs, solvents, petroleum, alcoholic preparations

EVS Translations also offers translations from Azerbaijani/Azeri into Italian, Russian, Turkish, and German.

“Did you know that the country of Azerbaijan was formerly part of Persia? And much like Iran, Azerbaijan is rich in oil and has been for hundreds of years... one of the first ever references in English to the capital city Baku in the late 1500s records that “there issueth out of the ground a marvellous quantity of oil”.

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