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EVS Translations сотрудничает исключительно с фирмами. К сожалению, мы не оказываем услуг частным лицам.

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Pharmaceutical Translation

pharmaceutical products on white background, Pharma translation

In-house translators, reviewers and IT experts in 8 medical production centers are able to process any file format and work closely with your team to produce the best translation solution for your budget and requirements. A fully customizable translation workflow allows clients to control time lines, translation quality and cost structure.

Pharmaceutical Translation Options

  • Expert Translation
  • TEP
  • Transcreation
  • Certified Translation
  • DTP
  • In-country review
  • back translation and verification



Pharmaceutical translations can be especially complex and require expertise across disciplines. Particularly global producer’s active in many different markets, benefit from the experience EVS Translations can offer as a one-source solution for all life science translations. With the experience of 25 years and offices in both the US and Europe, EVS Translations is in a position to offer multilingual EU and FDA compliant label translations according to ISO and DIN standards. Specialized teams of in-house translators work together with DTP specialists to present you with customized solutions for your pharma translations, and patent translations. An in-house staff of over 130 translators and proofreaders allows us to turn around large multilingual projects fast in accordance with global regulatory compliance standards.

Global pharmaceutical companies around the world value EVS Translations as the leading one-source solution for their global content and product management.

Core competencies

Label and product translations:

In-house DTP teams in all of our production centers will help you determine the best labeling solution for your product. Customized, client-specific terminology software allows for reliably storage of previous and future product data that can be easily and conveniently integrated into your projects, regardless what translator team is processing your current project. As a result, significant time and budget reductions will add value to your translation management process and increase productivity and consistency.

Global regulatory compliance:

Avoid costly delays in product launches and ensure first-time successful product applications with the help of our regulatory compliance team. Specifically trained translators, project managers and in-market reviewers will intersect with legal and other subject matter specialists to ensure your content is accurate and ready for submission. Regardless if you are filing an IND/CTA or you are submitting documentation for FDA approval, EVS Translations has extensive experience providing reliable support both in Europe and the U.S. Pre-translation consulting ensures that you select the right workflow for your requirements and added value solutions such as in-country review and content discovery protect you from unnecessary expenses.

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