25 Feb/16


Much like the words “Natural,” “Organic,” and “Holistic,” today’s word has become a buzzword for New Age health and spiritualism.Continue reading Tantra

11 Jan/16


Ghee is much more than just butter, according to Hinduism, it is a true food of the gods, seen by yoga practitioners as the ideal food to promote both physical and mental purification.Continue reading Ghee

16 Nov/15


We are all well familiar with the term yoga, not to mention that we have already explained its origin and etymology in a previous word of the day post as a tradition of mediation which goes back centuries, and which was first popularised in English in the book Treatise on Yoga Philosophy (published in London … Continue reading Yogi

15 Oct/15


Other than the actual mosque itself, there are few things that are as closely identified with Islam as the burka.Continue reading Burka

05 Aug/15


Yesterday, we dived into the Holi festival of colours to find out more about this exciting event and discovered that the celebration spreads quite an intoxicating atmosphere of joy and colours.Continue reading Bhang