07 Oct/16

International Medical Congress with Full Interpreting Service

National Congress of Cardiology
15th Bulgarian National Congress of Cardiology 2016

The Bulgarian National Congress of Cardiology is actually a very international event. The Congress is organised by the Society of Cardiologists in Bulgaria and is one of the largest international forums for medicine in the whole of Bulgaria. The event is held in 4 halls of the National Palace of Culture over a period of three days. Key visitors are leading Bulgarian and international specialists, cardiologists and surgeons, as well as representatives of some of the largest international pharmaceutical companies. Among the names of the sponsors and the speakers are companies like Astra Zeneka, Berline Chemie, Bayer, Aktavis, Novartis and many more international leaders.

Within the three days of the Congress in the programme are forseen lectures related to original Bulgarian and international scientific research, interactive scientific sessions and focus lectures that cover a very broad range of issues and innovations in the field of cardiology medicine.

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