13 Oct/15

Terminology Management for Consistent Content

Terminology Management - EVS Translations
Terminology Management – EVS Translations

Inconsistent language makes content less powerful, information more difficult to understand, and products less user-friendly. This is why it’s important to approach the translation of materials in the right way, and the challenges which arise as a result of translating large volumes of content should not be underestimated. A poor translation can suddenly throw up a lot of questions about consistency and discussion about which terms should have been used. For a text to appear consistent, then, key terminology must be first specified, then collected and produced in an accessible format so that it can be translated in the same way, for every project.

This is terminology management and it prepares the foundations for consistent translation and effective localisation. Tempting as it may be to bypass this initial stage and launch straight into the translation, in an effort to save time and extra cost in the short-term, proper terminology management ensures value and quality in the long term. And, once a proper termbase is established, it can be expanded, updated and further defined for more languages.

Putting terminology management into practice

Your list of preferred terms is created and their translations approved. Any content you would like to consider as terminology can be discussed and implemented. Simple key terms that reference product features or names usually fall into this category, but there are many more. You may want to avoid certain expressions, or purposefully replace a slogan in one language with a slogan in another language.

A termbase is created for translators to access as they work, which guarantees the consistency and quality of your content. When multiple languages are involved, English into six languages for instance, all translators are accessing the same approved source terms shown with their approved translations, therefore maintaining consistency across multiple languages.

If you are looking to have large amounts of content translated, whether it’s for one large project, several projects, or across multiple languages, it’s advisable to discuss with your translations service provider how your content could benefit from terminology management.

EVS Translations works with global clients across all industries to ensure that their content remains consistent in every language. We offer:

  • Analysis of client terminology
  • Creation of client-specific glossaries
  • Implementation of industry-specific reference materials with every project
  • Management and updates of client terminology database
  • Accuracy, consistency, long-term value