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EVS Translations Munich, Germany.
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Translation agency Munich

Office Munich - facade

The EVS Translations office in Munich offers you experience financial and legal translators. In Munich our specialist translation team with 8 translators, IT and project management is located in the city centre, close to the main railway station at Sonnenstrasse 14. Just contact EVS Translations Munich to access one of the largest teams of in-house translators and DTP experts in a translation company.

Specialist translator English and specialist translation German in Munich

Do you need documents translated? Or a contract, patent or website? The specialist translation agency EVS Translations provides a contact for professional legal, technical and financial translations. There are teams of in-house translation for your Spanish, Italian and French translators and of course also for English and German translation.

Your Munich translations agency

Markus Selent, Business Development Manager, EVS Translations

Markus Selent.
Business Development Manager
+49 89/12 73 96-33.


Specialist translations for corporate clients.

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