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Consumer Goods

International translations for consumer goods industry

Global Retail Solutions

Great success in retail is found not only at home but also internationally. EVS Translations’ global retail solutions help monetize a brand by drafting, implementing and optimizing multilingual and multinational strategies.

With an internationalization process which covers online, in-store, employee training and local market research, EVS Translations can assist in improving sales, global growth, and customer loyalty.

National Markets

consumer goods

International success requires a great deal more than an executive decision to go global. EVS Translations has taken its own products and services international for almost 30 years and has that know-how to help you decide the campaigns and markets which are profitable for you.

Website / E-Commerce Site Localization

Implement a multilingual website for rapid market testing. EVS Translations provides solutions for multiple language websites with the level of corporate control you need to have.

“Light” solutions can have a website up and running in weeks across as many as 30 languages.

In-country market research and SEM optimization can be added in the run-up to a site launch to ensure that campaigns are suitable for the international markets which are being targeted. This can be done alongside local managers or as a stand-alone EVS Translations process.

 To make sure that you are found, your website has to have the proper and appropriately priced keywords. Conducting the research and ensuring that the keywords are tracked in each target country and against the product success is important.

The aim is to improve organic and inorganic search results to sell your products. This is done in each individual market separately by selecting and continually monitoring keywords for quality so as to improve search rankings and conversions.



Email Marketing

For its clients, EVS Translations produces highly-specialized content localization that seamlessly integrates with your email and digital marketing collateral. As a result EVS marketing translations help drive traffic to your bricks-and-mortar stores and to e-commerce shops in all of your target markets. With its marketing and advertising specialists, EVS Translations adapts copy on a local basis and can help you create email marketing campaigns adapted to the requirements of your local markets and management. The EVS production offices are located in all major markets and house teams of in-house formatting, design, and software specialists who provide solutions for software, layout and graphics in accordance with your requirements.

Social Media

EVS Translations’ Marketing department provides on-source localization support across campaigns and tools in more than 150 languages. Take advantage of our in-market teams of content writers and copy editors and integrate the e-mail campaigns you are running with market specific social media, regular newsletters and extensive content generation.

Labelling, Catalogues, Flyers

Rapid, even daily updating of inventory or catalogues requires a high level of in-country terminology management and formatting expertise: You can cut your change lead times to hours by leveraging the EVS Translations Terminology department and have our terminology specialists work alongside your local teams.

Legal, Finance, IR, HR

EVS is one of the leading services providers for corporations in the specialist areas of legal, finance and HR translations. That means that you can obtain seamless reporting and audit requirements irrespective of language and local reporting requirements, at the same time taking advantage of the terminology that the EVS Translation Technology department has built up and updated for you in every project. Added value services such as content discovery and machine translations allow you to take control of time lines, translation quality and cost.

For a full overview of our service portfolio and available workflow options click here.

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