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Annual Report Translation

EVS Translations helps Fortune 500 companies, banks, and audit firms translate their financial statements and annual reports into more than 20 languages.

Fortune 500 companies, banks, and audit firms have their financial statements and annual reports translated by EVS Translations. They know that producing a flawless annual report translation requires an expert in-house team of financial translators, specialized legal translators, skilled translation engineers, and competent project managers. Every year, EVS Translations completes a minimum of 80 annual report translations into more than 20 different languages, and it is exactly that experience and commitment to superior quality that will give you peace of mind for your most important translation project of the year.

Terminology Management for Annual Report Translations

Annual report translation overview

EVS Translations maintains one of the largest IFRS/IAS terminology databases for annual report translations. For you, access to this proprietary financial translation database means accurate and compliant translations, every time.

Leverage our terminology and software solutions for the benefit of your company and achieve accurate and consistent translations and faster turnaround times.

Urgent financial report translation

“A large American corporation reassesses its suppliers every year. The company needs 120 financial statements translated from six different languages into English. The statements were in a variety of local GAAP formats as well as IFRS. The translations have to be completed within one month so that the Board can make its assessment at an annual meeting. With teams of IT experts, terminology specialists, and in-house translators for the six languages, we established a consistent vocabulary and met the deadline. The meeting went forward with the 120 annual reports ready for analysis.”

Annual Report and Financial Statement translation expert,
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