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IT Translation

Multilingual translation for websites, software and technical documentation done by our exceptional in-house team of experts based in the UK and 4 other places on the earth.

Do you have technical documents, software or a website that needs to be translated into multiple languages or needs localization? EVS Translations is the ideal translation expert based in Atlanta with the technical expertise for your project.

Qualified IT Translators

website translations

Our in-house team of IT professionals is experienced in web design and scripting, internet marketing, promotion, and SEO. IT is backed by a team of multilingual DTP and graphic engineers. As a result, we are able to offer complete website and software translation and localization services of the highest quality.

Full translation service for software & websites

The translations retain the HTML structure and localize graphics, Java applets, Flash animations, and related features. Our in-house IT team reworks and tests your code and scripts.

Through this process of quality control, EVS Translations ensures that you receive websites ready to be published and as effective in other languages as in the original. For more information on how we localize the content of websites, visit our page on website localization.

Get in touch to discuss your latest translation challenges or to get a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

Recent IT project: Video Production

"In a recent project, we translated information regarding online Internet security for children into Chinese. This targeted increased awareness about personal data, online security, and chat room risks. The project included the translation of song lyrics and crossword puzzles, which required a high level of localization due to differences between European and Chinese characters."

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