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Medical Translation

EVS Translations helps major medical companies, CROs, medical device manufacturers and associations with high quality medical translation.
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Are you looking for expert medical translation services? EVS Translations is your ideal partner based in Atlanta, Georgia. We work alongside major medical companies, CROs, medical device manufacturers and associations. Our processes and quality management systems meet the demanding requirements of the healthcare sector.

Expert Medical Translators

Our team of medical translators has been carefully assembled. It consists of specialists with industry-specific qualifications in areas such as pharmacology, toxicology, radiology, cardiology, genetics, hematology, immunology, neurology, gynecology, oncology, urology, pathology, biotechnology, and microbiology.

Highest interpreting service and technique for interpreting for an international scientific forum

National Congress of Cardiology

A comprehensive service, just one supplier

The experts for medical interpreting from the team of EVS Translations will provide interpreting with English and Bulgarian at the international scientific forum National Congress of Cardiology. For the needs of the event, EVS Translations also provides all the necessary technical equipment for interpreting and a technical team to support it. Read more here!

Medical Dictionaries

Medical report translation

Calling upon their knowledge of EMEA, EUDRA, FDA, MHLW, MHRA, and TPD guidelines, our medical translators have a sound understanding of key medical terminology and abbreviations. Combined with access to evolving dictionaries such as MedDRA, our medical translators provide you with a successful platform to obtain drug approvals worldwide.

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