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Have your financial documents translated by one of the top companies for financial translations.


As one of the top service providers for legal translations, EVS Translations is the ideal source for legal projects requiring multi-language solutions.


Professional medical translations provided by experts with extensive translation experience in pharmaceuticals, medicine, and life sciences for package inserts, medical reports, PROs, data sheets, etc.

Oil and gas

Professional technical translations – certified under DIN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 15038.


Certified technical translations in nearly every language combination for mechanical engineering, plant engineering, planning studies, documentation, and distribution materials.

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First English-Estonian Dictionary – Johannes Silvet

First English-Estonian Dictionary – Johannes Silvet

As a gateway between East and West, Estonia has always had an important geographical location; to have also served as a battleground where Denmark, Germany, Russia, Sweden and Poland fought many battles. Despite its important geopolitical position and the fact that the region has been populated since circa 10,000 B.
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Domain / Domain name

Domain / Domain name

The term domain entered the English language circa 1500, from the Middle French domaine ‘estate,’ deriving from the Latin dominium ‘property. ’ The meanings to describe a region under certain rules and control and a particular field of thought or activity, over which someone has control, developed circa 1750.
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Review: The Southern SME Forum

Review: The Southern SME Forum

The German American Chambers of Commerce’s Southern SME Forum was held this year at the Chattanoogan Hotel in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. The spacious hotel offered nothing less than ballrooms and lecture halls with ample room for presentations and discussions, all to promote business between Germany and America.
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The word blog did not exist before the era of online content, when was formed to conveniently shorten the term weblog. It is generally accepted that the first blog was created by Justin Hall, who in 1994 started publishing a personal collection of links with short reviews.
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