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Renewable Energy translation

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Renewable energy translations

EVS Translations provides expert translations for energy producers and manufacturers of renewable energy hardware. Our in-house team of highly specialised translators and proofreaders has more than 25 years of experience in providing high-quality language services to corporations with a global footprint. Streamlined workflows and dedicated account managers guarantee consistent and cost-effective solutions for projects of every size. 

If you are looking for a reliable translation partner that values quality and customer service, then contact EVS Translations UK.

Energy sector translations

EVS Translations has recently been completing a series of translations relating to a corporate design change and renaming project for a company in the renewable energy sector. The texts primarily comprise press releases and employee information articles containing confidential information that requires a high level of discretion from the translation team. Such information includes the new company name, details about the new organizational structure and information about the launch of the new corporate identity and new brand image, as well as references to requirements of the licensing agreement. This ongoing project sees EVS entrusted with access to information that is, in some cases, not yet readily available to the company’s own employees, let alone the general public.

Solar and wind power translations

EVS Translations counts among its customers a number of big names and lesser known names in the renewable energy sector. Besides regularly providing high-quality translations for a global leader in the photovoltaics industry, EVS Translations recently acquired a new customer specialising in the asset management of solar and wind farms. For this company, EVS Translations leverages its experience in the field of financial translations with its expertise in technical translations to make sure that potential investors fully understand the products and services offered by the international asset manager. This work requires a good understanding of concepts such as cash flow, returns, participation rights, debt structures and lease models combined with EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), O&M (operation and maintenance) and D&O (Directors and Officers) insurance.

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