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Medical device translation service

helping to present your company in the best possible light

Core competencies for medical device manufacturers

medical facilities

EVS Translations delivers intelligent translations to its clients through a well-executed mix of linguistic, technological and project management solutions. This means manufacturers can engage potential stakeholders, provide end users with accurate operation manuals or submit professional documentation to the relevant regulatory bodies, and the process is effortless for you. We make your life easier and support your business’s ambition for growth.

You have a lot on your plate. You don’t want to be bogged down in details, but you also have questions and don’t want to be left waiting for replies. A translation service is not just about getting words down on a page
—at least, it shouldn’t be.

A comprehensive solution tailored to your needs

Do you have corporate-specific terminology that our medical translators should use during the translation process? Do you need your user guides to be delivered in a print-ready format? We ask the questions that matter and recommend the solutions to suit your project goals. EVS Translations’ in-house teams for terminology management and desktop publishing add value and deliver exactly what you need, every time.

If you have upcoming translation requirements you would like to discuss personally, please call our Nottingham office today on: +44-115-9 64 42 88.

Medical device companies around the world trust EVS Translations to translate:

EVS Translations recently translated MR Conditional Device labels and regulatory documentation for a client who required a very diverse set of languages including Uzbek, Thai and Hebrew. Our project manager perfectly integrated linguistic, terminology and desktop publishing solutions to deliver high-quality work both in terms of the linguistic accuracy and final presentation.

Account manager, EVS Translations UK

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