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Comprehensive and bespoke for your business

Our vision for translation

Translation is more than words on a page. EVS Translations strategically manages the production of translated content across multiple languages and formats to drive quality and generate value for its ambitious clients. For over 25 years, our approach has been to grow and develop our own in-house staff, across all project critical areas, to ensure greater quality control and scalability for businesses operating on the global stage. At the heart of what we do is the art of translation itself and we continue to employ the best translator talent as permanent members of our team. This continued investment in our own capabilities and infrastructure is a testament to our commitment on quality and to delivering intelligent multilingual content to our clients.

With expert human talent, smart software solutions and a robust approach to quality management, we offer comprehensive translation solutions that deliver to your end goals. Our globally connected network of offices means businesses can centralise requirements to achieve greater quality and value, as well as reduced cost and administrative effort over the long-term.

Our translation solutions include:

  • Translation management: structuring or restructuring your workflows to ensure cost-reductions while improving quality.
  • Vendor management: we manage multiple vendors for multinational clients, providing final quality assurance
  • Translation plus desktop publishing for the production of print-ready materials
  • Translations plus subtitling or voiceover for audio-visual content
  • Website localisation with optional Search Engine Optimisation
  • Terminology management to create value over the long-term

Friendly, comprehensive service

We champion translation as a business service. Facilitating the global exchange of information and communications, EVS Translations drives translation performance for businesses.

Demand more from translation. Speak with us today on +44-115 96 44 288 or e-mail.

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