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In-house translation

Professional translations done by people – creating something powerful for you

The art of translation

Today’s digital and software technologies help us to be faster and more connected. But as translation becomes increasingly characterised by technological innovation, it’s important not to lose sight of what we are trying to achieve. We shouldn’t overlook the strength of human talent.

And, when you think about it: What makes content, information and communications powerful? The kind that is consumed effortlessly, because it’s professional, engaging and intelligent?

EVS Translations takes the very best of technology and smart software solutions to support the very best in linguistic talent. Our translators are selected because they have a flair for producing professional written texts, underpinned by solid understanding of the sector in which they specialise.

Human translators

For 25 years, EVS Translations has continued to grow and invest in its own in-house team of linguists to produce the best in translation. They do this every day across the most in-demand languages for leading global businesses. We nurture this talent through graduate schemes, on-going internal and external training, and practical solutions including our global I.T. helpdesk. They are all permanent members of staff based at each of our 8 global offices.

Sometimes creating something great doesn’t have to be complicated. For us it starts simply with exceptional human talent.

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