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Chinese Interpreting Service

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Chinese Interpreting

Are you looking for an expert Chinese interpreter?
Over the past 25 years, EVS Translations has provided professional Chinese interpreters to clients from all industry sectors and helped them to achieve smooth communication from board room meetings to trade shows.

EVS Translations offers professional Chinese interpreting services for events such as:

  • Business meetings and negotiations
  • Patent law negotiations
  • Compliance audits
  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Government delegations

If you are interested in our services and rates for Chinese interpreting, contact us today at
+44-(0)115-9 64 42 88 or send us an online inquiry:

Chinese interpreting experts

    "As a specialized provider for oil and gas translations EVS Translations naturally also supplies our industry partners with interpreting services for well visits, price negotiations, as well as escort services for industry conferences such as Gastech and Petex. Last autumn, for instance, we hosted the visit of a delegation of Chinese energy officials to the UK. The event included the visit of several refineries and offshore explorations sites in Scotland."

Phone: - +44 (0)115-9 64 42 88

Chinese interpreter

Regardless if you need one interpreter for a spontaneous business meeting or a multilingual team of 20 interpreters, contact our office in Nottingham for professional Chinese interpreting services and for expert translations; including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Arabic.

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