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25 years of professional Arabic translation in key areas:

EVS Translations works with high profile clients in the public and private sectors to provide white papers, press releases, annual reports, marketing collateral for international conferences and more. It’s only possible to attract and retain this calibre of client by consistently delivering translated content that accurately reflects an organisation’s reputation on the international stage.

What does ‘quality’ mean, anyway?

When you’re sourcing an Arabic translation provider, you probably hear the phrase ‘high-quality translations’ a little too often. The term becomes diluted and not easy to qualify. When EVS Translations talks about quality, it means providing intelligent foreign language information that is clear, precise and of a professional standard which is fit for external publishing.

Arabic FAQS from our clients:

We’re launching a campaign in the UAE, but which dialect of Arabic should we use for the content?

“Modern Standard Arabic” is the internationally recognised and standardised written form of the language throughout the Arabic-speaking world. However, it is still important to know which country (or countries) you would like to target as terminology varies between regions. For example, when translating into English, you would have to choose either “pavement” (UK English) or “sidewalk” (US English) when referring to a roadside path. The same principle also applies to Arabic.

Should we translate our company name into Arabic?


Unless you already have a specific translation of your company name which you would like us to use, we would normally leave it as per the source. Alternatively, we can provide an Arabic translation or transliteration in brackets to aid understanding in the target language.

Can I go back and edit my InDesign files from you if I don’t have the Middle East version of InDesign?

We don’t recommend this as it could corrupt your file if you don’t have the Middle East version of InDesign installed on your computer. Get in touch and we can make any adjustments that you need.

Do you offer Arabic DTP?

Yes, EVS Translations offers Arabic translations with desktop publishing for brochures, fliers, product labels and reports. We are one of the few providers to offer this complete solution for Arabic.

For Arabic translations, contact EVS Translations on:
+44 115-964-4288

EVS Translations has worked with our company on a large and on-going project involving English translation into Arabic. We were delighted with the results and the level of service and recommended the company to our overseas head office, which has just received an outstanding set of print-ready materials from EVS ready for its upcoming campaign launch.

- Head of project delivery

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