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Azeri Translation Service

Professional translations from Azeri into English and English into Azeri.
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A complete solution for Azeri translations

EVS Translations is certified with more than 25 years of experience in Azeri translations, and is a trusted provider of quality Azerbaijani translations for corporations around the globe. Using a team of qualified and highly experienced Azeri translators, EVS Translations offers a professional translation service for all document types across all industry sectors. These translation services also encompass software localisation, transcreation for marketing campaigns, SEO and website translation in Azerbaijani, allowing you to take your products and services to the Azerbaijani-speaking market. 

Azeri translations for pharma

We recently worked on the translation of medication inserts and leaflets for our market leading client. Their key strategy is for new products to be simultaneously shipped across all markets and they came to us for our ability to rapidly scale-up production while maintaining a solid quality assurance approach. We set up a team of expert pharma translators, which was supported by our proofreaders, project managers and desktop publishing staff. By choosing EVS Translations as their translation partner, our client achieved accurate medical inserts to be delivered on schedule across all of their global markets.

If you are interested in Azeri translation services, call today at: +44-115-9 64 42 88.

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