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Burmese Translation Service

Do you need translations from English to Burmese? Or a translation from Burmese to English?
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Burmese English Translation
English Burmese Translation

Are you looking for an expert Burmese translation service? EVS Translations provides professional Burmese translations and a full range of Burmese language services. A strong team of Burmese translators enables us to translate documents from English to Burmese and Burmese to English quickly, reliably, and at a competitive price. EVS Translations gives you one point of contact with a dedicated account manager and professional project managers and IT experts.

It was a missionary who introduced English to the Burmese and Burmese to the English language. In 1817, Adoniram Judson translated Grammatical Notices of the Burman Language into English and the Gospel of Matthew into Burmese. As a missionary he spent most of his life in Burma.

Burmese translation service for all industry sectors

Certified Burmese translation services from EVS Translations are ideal for companies operating in all industry sectors. Burmese translation teams are put together on a project basis depending on the specific knowledge of your industry sector. All translations are proofread by experienced proofreaders. As a result, EVS Translations delivers expert Burmese document translations with quick turnaround times.

EVS Translations offers Burmese translations for specific industries, which include:

  • Burmese oil and gas translations: Our particular focus is on the translation of documents related to the exploration, extraction, refining, and delivery of petroleum and gas products
  • Burmese legal translations: We specialise in the areas of environmental law, dispute resolutions and litigation, contracts, arbitration, corporate governance and competition law
  • Burmese technical translations: EVS Translations has qualified and highly experienced Burmese technical translators that can accommodate your specific technical document translation requirements.

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