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EVS Translations UK offers professional translations from Dutch into English and from English into Dutch.
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Dutch English Translation
English Dutch Translation

Trade relations have existed between Great Britain and Holland for hundreds of years. They extend from the areas of sheep farming and textiles in mediaeval times to the current day involving multinational corporations headquartered in the two countries (Unilever and Royal Dutch Shell).

EVS Translations has been providing quality Dutch translation, interpreting and localisation services for over 25 years. As an industry leader for Dutch translations, it deploys a strong team of Dutch translators and proofreaders that works in cooperation with an in-house team of project managers, IT specialists and DTP experts.

Words in English originating from Dutch include apartheid, freight, furlough and waffle. For more information on how specific words entered the English language, take a look at the Word of the Day posts on the EVS Translations blog. As a native speaker of Dutch, Nick Clegg will probably know all about English words with Dutch origin already.

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