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EVS Translations service is dedicated exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.

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German Translation Service

EVS Translations UK offers professional translations from German into English and from English into German.
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We know German Business

EVS Translations was founded 25 years ago in Germany as a German English translation service and now works with 140 of the top 500 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. When clients use our German translation service, they know that their translation is being handled by the experts in this particular target market.

Benefit from one of the world’s largest in-house German translator teams

Berlin - German English translations

Over 50 in-house German English and English German translators work with dedicated account managers and expert project managers to produce high-quality German translations of any size. Our in-house proofreaders guarantee the final quality and form one part of our greater quality assurance process. Give your order to an in-house team that deals with hundreds of German translations a week with expertise across all industries.

Complex terminology translated with skill and precision

For an outstanding German to English translation or that perfect English to German translation, you need an experienced translator that understands your industry. Never taking a 'one size fits all' approach, EVS Translations assigns projects to its in-house translators according to their area of expertise and uses in-house proof-readers who are senior subject-specialist translators. What’s more, industry and client-specific terminology databases, glossaries and style guides for English to German translations, developed by EVS Translations, ensure accuracy, consistency and quality

German translation service working for you

“Translate a German contract into English by tomorrow.”

With its specialist team of German legal translators and the German English legal and financial databases, the job was done, one of 30 German to English translations on one day.

Ask about our German English translation services today: Tel.: +44-115-9 64 42 88

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