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Italian Translation Service

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Meeting the demands of global clients

EVS Translations regularly provides high-volume Italian into English translations and English into Italian translations to clients in the pharmaceutical, finance and automotive industries. Consistent quality regardless of volume or turnaround times has ensured that EVS Translations is the preferred supplier of many leading multinationals and a trusted Italian translation company.

Italian translation that meets international quality Standards

EVS Translations adheres to ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 17100 standards. Our in-house teams work to well-established, clearly defined processes which are understood by everyone involved. This allows for seamless workflows, effortless communication and consistent, reliable outcomes.

Italian pharmaceutical translation

"As part of our Italian translation services, we recently assembled in-house teams of Italian translators, proofreaders, DTP staff and project managers to work with a major US pharmaceutical client for Italian to English and English to Italian translations. The first phase of the project was to translate testing phase documentation from Italian to English for submission to the FDA. Following this, English product labels compliant with EU standards were translated into Italian."

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