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Portuguese Translation Service

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Intelligent Portuguese translations

Are you looking for experts to translate from English into Portuguese or from Portuguese into English? With professional project managers, a dedicated account manager and specialist translators? Then all you need to do is contact EVS Translations!

EVS Translations has been working in the industry for over 25 years. With a specialist team of Portuguese translators and proofreaders, EVS Translations is the Portuguese translation partner for your requirements, whether in Europe or South America.

Our Portuguese translation experience covers key areas:

  • Energy: Oil, gas, wind and solar power
  • Technical: Chemicals, construction, automotive
  • Legal: Local legislation, compliance, HR, tax
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

EVS Translations also offers translations into Spanish, German and Chinese.

Getting all the details right, everytime

“EVS Translations was involved in a long-term project including the translation and design of several business presentations for a proposed joint venture in Brazil. We prepared the presentations for a major US oil and gas supplier and the client went on to be recommended as a leading supplier to the oil industry.  The project involved advanced file management and desktop processing work with InDesign and MadCap, but our team came together and ticked all the boxes for a sucessful outcome.”

- Dr. Florian Schwieger, EVS Translations USA, Project Manager

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