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EVS Translations service is dedicated exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.

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Slovenian Translation Service

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Slovenian English translation
English Slovenian translation

Do you need professional translations from Slovenian into English or from English into Slovenian? With specialist translators, professional project managers and your own dedicated account manager? Then contact EVS Translations.

With more than 25 years’ experience as a global language service provider and with a specialist team of Slovenian translators and proof-readers, EVS Translations is the Slovenian translation partner for your needs.

Slovenian Translation Services

Our Slovenian certified translation service is ideal for companies operating in all industry sectors in the Slovenian-speaking market. EVS Translations has a team of qualified and highly experienced Slovenia translators to cover the translation of all document types for all industry sectors.

Our Slovenian translation teams are always assembled according to their knowledge of your sector.

We offer Slovenian translations for multiple specialty areas, some of which include:

  • Financial translations from and into Slovenian
  • Medical translations from and into Slovenian
  • Legal translations from and into Slovenian

Expert Slovenian translators and DTP services

EVS Translations offers a variety of Slovenian desktop publishing and graphic design services to meet the unique needs of your translation project. Employing a DTP staff in-house ensures seamless integration between our teams of Slovenian translators, Slovenian DTP experts, and project managers. As a result, we can professionally translate your Slovenian website regardless of the source code or content management system. Moreover, we can plan and execute an online marketing campaign for you for all countries where Slovenian is spoken, complete with search engine optimisation, allowing you to develop a streamlined marketing presence from start to finish.

If you are interested in our services and rates for Slovenian translations, contact us today.

Slovenian translations expertise

Our Slovenian translation teams are specifically assembled according to their knowledge of your specific industry. We offer Slovenian translations for specialty areas including:

  • Automotive, machinery, equipment
  • Banking,insurance,HR
  • Forestry and fishing

EVS Translations also translates into German, Italian, Czech and Polish.

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