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Ukrainian Translation Service

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Ukrainian English Translation
English Ukrainian Translation

Do you need professional translations from Ukrainian into English or from English into Ukrainian? With specialist translators, professional project managers and your own dedicated account manager? Then contact EVS Translations.

With more than 25 years’ experience as a global language service provider and with a specialist team of Ukrainian translators and proofreaders, EVS Translations is the Ukrainian translation partner for your needs.

Ukranian document translation and notarisation

EVS Translations also offers certified Ukrainian document transcription as well as notarisation services. Our professional document notarisation service includes diplomatic and consular certifications and is delivered with a certification of accuracy from a Ukrainian translator.

Expert Ukranian translators

Flag of Ukraine

Our certified translation services are ideal for companies operating in the high value added sectors. Our team of Ukrainian linguists consists of experts with extensive experience and qualifications in the fields of automotive supply, energy, computer manufacturing and telecommunications.

At your request, we can establish special Ukrainian translator teams for your specific needs and produce high-quality Ukrainian translations in line with international standards, government regulations and corporate guidelines.

Ukranian translations expertise

Our Ukrainian translation teams are specifically assembled according to their knowledge of your specific industry. We offer Ukrainian translations for specialist areas including:

  • Technical: automotive, energy, telecommunications
  • Trade: metals, white goods, textiles
  • Pharma and chemicals: intermediate products, petroleum, ammonia
  • Financial and legal: banking, insurance, HR
  • Food: agriculture (sunflower seeds, maize, wheat, tobacco)

If you are interested in our Ukrainian translation service, contact us today on: +44-115-9 64 42 88.

EVS Translations also translates into Russian, German, Belarusian, Polish and Chinese.


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