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Website localisation

EVS Translations provides language, cultural, marketing and technical expertise to help you better reach international customers.
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Website translation

Would you like to offer visitors a multilingual version of your homepage? EVS Translations will make sure that the content of your website is translated professionally and is optimised for search engines. When we localise your website, we also make sure that your content is tailored to the respective culture and can easily be linked to your CMS in the format of your choice.

Global high-impact websites

We can help you define the right search terms while ensuring the proper keyword density for your landing pages. We offer:

  • Keyword translation
  • Content translation and optimisation
  • Animation and video localisation

Mastering multilingual blogs, SEO and campaigns

Our translators specialised in website localisation ensure that all aspects of your website can be implemented in any number of languages:

  • International SEO
  • Blog localisation
  • Social media translation
  • E-mail marketing campaign translation
  • Marketing and pay-per-click campaign localisation

For a personal consultation or a no obligation quote for your project, contact our friendly team in Nottingham.

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Honestly, it does not take too much to get the mind wandering when looking at today’s word, does it? For some, it may be the value of the Rosetta Stone or the discoveries of Howard Carter, while, for others, it is the romance of Mark Antony and Cleopatra or the awe-inspiring vision of the pyramids … Continue reading Egypt The post Egypt appeared first on EVS Translations Blog.
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First English-Estonian Dictionary – Johannes Silvet

First English-Estonian Dictionary – Johannes Silvet

As a gateway between East and West, Estonia has always had an important geographical location; to have also served as a battleground where Denmark, Germany, Russia, Sweden and Poland fought many battles. Despite its important geopolitical position and the fact that the region has been populated since circa 10,000 B.
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Domain / Domain name

Domain / Domain name

The term domain entered the English language circa 1500, from the Middle French domaine ‘estate,’ deriving from the Latin dominium ‘property. ’ The meanings to describe a region under certain rules and control and a particular field of thought or activity, over which someone has control, developed circa 1750.
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Review: The Southern SME Forum

Review: The Southern SME Forum

The German American Chambers of Commerce’s Southern SME Forum was held this year at the Chattanoogan Hotel in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. The spacious hotel offered nothing less than ballrooms and lecture halls with ample room for presentations and discussions, all to promote business between Germany and America.
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