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Multilingual translation service

Consistency and accuracy for your content, regardless of the number of languages

Multilingual translations require professional management of multi-disciplinary teams

Translating documents into multiple languages can be a complicated process. Unlike a translation in one language combination (Spanish into English, for example), teams for multilingual translations are larger, requiring a much greater level of coordination. What’s more, different languages present different layout and design challenges, so a solid understanding of the issues that may arise is essential. Does your company have the resources and expertise to manage a project like this? Do you want to spend time coordinating individual freelancers together with design or document formatting staff? 

Take advantage of EVS Translations’ experience for your multilingual translations. We can produce the content that you need in the format of your choice while implementing the most effective strategies - this could be for multilingual brochures or a multilingual website. Our professional management for multilingual translations saves you time, effort and, without a doubt, results in higher quality. 

We offer

With in-house linguistic, project management and desktop publishing staff at each of its international offices, EVS Translations offers high-quality multilingual translations to global businesses.



If you want to learn more about how we successfully manage multi-disciplinary teams for multilingual translations, call our UK office on +44-115 96 44 288 or send us an e-mail

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