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Voiceover and subtitling

With enormous relations to facilities all over the World EVS Translations UK is the most supreme voiceover translation provider you could find

Audio-visual translations

Audio-visual translations can be a multistage process involving transcription and translation of scripts, time coding, subtitling and/or voiceover work for single or multiple languages.  A voiceover project for which there is no script could be more complex than a subtitling project where a script is readily available. EVS Translations can quickly assess the requirements of individual projects and find the most appropriate solutions, providing all or part of the service described above. Where it’s appropriate to do so, outsourcing a project in its entirety allows EVS Translations to control not only the linguistic quality, but the timing and pace of the subtitles or voiceover relative to the source language content.

Creating scripts and subtitles

Secure data exchange for large audio-visual files takes place via EVS Translations’ FTP server, which are then distributed between translators for transcription and translation. Once the preliminary linguistic work is complete, in-house technical staff at EVS Translations carries out time-coding and creates subtitles, with linguistic validation of the final audio-visual content carried out by the translator. Once the project is finished, it can be delivered to the client a wide variety of formats, from simple text to complex XML structures, along with the translated script.


EVS Translations also offers a voiceover service in place of or in addition to subtitling work. In this instance, the project manager sends sample audio-files of all the relevant voiceover talent for selection by the client and ensures availability of the resource for the project. Once the voiceover work is complete, our in-house technical staff will integrate this into the media file with final quality checks performed to ensure correct timing and pace. Scripts can be created into multiple different languages per project where required for use by voiceover artists. 

An urgent audio-visual project for a Fortune 500 company proves nothing is impossible

For me as IT manager and subtitle expert it was a great project to get involved with. Determining the critical path and pre-empting any issues that might arise was critical, since there was no time for mistakes. We split each video into manageable sections and applied our standard process to each part. The files were time coded in the UK, then, towards the end of business, we called on our colleagues in America to help out and prep other stuff ready for the next morning. When a file was delivered I had the chance to inspect and approve it, then all the content was merged into final deliverables. The client thought they had asked for the impossible, so they were delighted with the successful completion of the project.

-David Thomas, IT Manager EVS Translations UK

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