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Translation Technology

Take expert linguistic skill and enhance it further with the latest developments in translation technology.

Robust terminology management creates translation assets for your business

Delivering effective multilingual content to your stakeholders requires careful planning and implementation. Your end goal is to have cohesive sets of content and avoid any tendencies towards defect management. This is why terminology management from the outset is so important.

Customised glossaries, style guides and reference materials for your business are stored within a terminology database or ‘termbase’ that translators access during the translation phase. This termbase flags up terminology for the translator to ensure it is consistently applied. It also speeds up production. At EVS Translations, our project managers and terminology team will review, update and manage your client-specific database to ensure your content always accurately reflects your company.

Commonly used terminology management systems: SDL MultiTerm, crossTerm and TermStar NXT

Your content, delivered in the final format that you need – it’s that simple

EVS Translations knows that expert content is only completely successful if it is presented with a professional finish. Our translation technology experts work with virtually all file types to deliver expert translated content with a slick final presentation - across print, digital platforms and audio-visual media.

Welcome to your global translation technology team

Our Translation Technology specialists worldwide prepare your documents for translators to work on in the CAT tool environment. This includes converting PDF documents into the appropriate compatible format. Following the translation phase, our translation technology experts then prepare the translated content for delivery in your preferred choice of final format.

Translation Engineering EVS Translations

The mistake is to approach your business translation demand unsystematically. We manage your content professionally using the latest tools for content management, so it becomes an asset, not a drain on resources.

Contact us for more advice on +49 69/82 97 99-24 or via the contact form. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Jonathan Flathmann - Head of Translation Technology Development

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