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Machine translation

Cheaper, faster…is it all too good to be true?

A rapid and low-cost translation solution for large-scale demand

As more and more businesses look to overseas markets for business growth, and the rewards of providing authentic customer experiences are widely reported, human-centred translation workflows struggle to keep up. Large-scale demand and pressures, such as time-to-market, mean rapid and low-cost solutions have their place in the translation mix. But while it might be tempting to use machine translation as a solution for productivity gains and cost-savings, it is worth considering all the options. Is machine translation right for your business?

Your translation strategy: where does MT fit?

As with any solution, there are pros and cons to machine translation. It often lacks the fluidity and finesse, as well as technical accuracy, of human translation. It also may not be suitable for website content since search engines generally do not like automatically generated text. What machine translation can do, however, is solve problems of volumes, time and cost. It is important to look at your objectives – for an individual project or for long-term business – and ensure you have the right translation strategy in place. For certain projects or language combinations, human expertise cannot be matched.

Choose a machine translation provider who meets requirements for quality tolerance and data security

There are different types of machine translation including statistical machine translation and neural machine translation (NMT). These two types require massive amounts of training data, which is domain- and language-specific. EVS Translations operates a secure closed-system for machine translation and high-quality data is used to train the engine. This ensures security of your information (which open-source tools cannot) while rapidly producing a translated text that is ‘fit for purpose’. We can create a bespoke machine translation solution for you that will meet your requirements for quality tolerance and data-security.

Post-editing for machine translation output

An additional post-editing service is available for your business‘ machine translated content. This allows you to meet objectives for time and cost while providing the opportunity to enhance final quality. Select a partner that manages this process correctly - EVS Translations has received a Declaration of Conformity for ISO 18587 Post-editing of Machine Translation Output.

Machine translation is fast and cost-effective. But human translation adds a lot of value to your content. Which is right? Call us to discuss your requirements further on: +44 (0)115 934 5010 or use the following contact form.

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