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EVS Translations offer is destined exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.

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EVS Translations is a leader in professional language localization services which significantly broadens the reach and visibility of a software product in global markets.

Full-Service Localization

Professional language localization services can significantly increase the reach and visibility and improve the usability and acceptance of a software product in international markets. EVS Translations works with leading software manufacturers, developers, and other service providers that offer their customers software user interfaces that facilitate, improve, and aid interaction.

We translate software user interface components, including dialog boxes, menus, text strings, and error/status messages, as well as the following:

  • Help files, Java files, and readme files
  • Manuals, installation guides, packaging materials, inserts, labels, and warranty cards
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We provide full-service localization including:

  • Pseudo-localization: user interface, dialog boxes, menus, hot key assignments, installer creation, and editing of bitmaps
  • Linguistic, functionality, QA and user interface testing

Software Localization

Our approach to software localization is multifaceted, combining both quality and process improvement. Working closely with our clients, their local offices and in-country partners/customers, our team of project managers, qualified linguists, file engineers, and software testers offer:

Recent project: Aviation Risk Management

"In a recent project for a major aviation manufacturer, EVS localized the content of the company’s risk management software and platform into German, French, Chinese, and Russian. As many localization projects do, the task involved not only translating security guidelines and other content but also localizing the content to address specific risk factors in the different production facilities. EVS created a terminology management system that allows the client to effectively update and review terms and guidelines quickly and reliably across all four languages."

Dr. Florian Schwieger, EVS Translations USA


We look forward to speaking with you personally about your language requirements. Just send us a quick email or call us at +1 404-523-5560.

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