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Translation To and From Danish

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Danish into English and from English into Danish.
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Danish English Translation
English Danish Translation

Denmark has an advantageous geographical location and is one of the world's strongest economies. The country welcomes foreign investment and has gained a rapidly rising reputation as a preferred business destination. Are you planning on expanding your market by seeking new opportunities in the strong economy of Denmark? Or are you a company who is already involved in the Danish market?

With 25 years of professional translation experience, recognized expertise within the language industry, and a strong team of native-speaker Danish translators and proofreaders, EVS Translations is your best partner for Danish translations, worldwide.

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Expert Danish Translation Services

Danish english translation - EVS Translations USA

Outside of Denmark, the Danish language plays an important role and is spoken in communities all over the globe, such as Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Canada. EVS Translations can help you eliminate language barriers for companies that need professional Danish translations and interpreting or localization solutions.

Our Danish native speaker translators enable us to translate your corporate documents from English to Danish or Danish to English quickly with precision. Moreover, our team of Danish translators is headed by professional proofreaders and reviewers who are also native speakers of the Danish language and are all post graduates. We also translate from Danish into approximately 50 other languages.

If you are interested in our services and rates for Danish translations, contact us today at: +1 404-523-5560

Danish Renewable Energy Translations

Denmark is a long-time leader in wind energy. EVS Translations has a proven track of expertise in the field of the renewable energy.

Our team of Danish translators have extensive experience in the translation of documents related to water, wind and tidal power production. We are your expert partner in the alternative and sustainable energy sector providing high-quality Danish language translation services that enable your company to play an important part in the growing green technology market.

Danish Translators For Oil And Gas

EVS Translations is a CEoqs registered translation company specializing within the oil and gas industry. Our teams of qualified and highly experienced Danish and Greenlandic translators have extensive experience of the industry-specific concepts and terminology enabling us to produce consistently accurate oil and gas translation and localization services.

Danish Website And Software Localization

With an in-house team of web professionals, software developers and quality assurance editors, you can entrust us your Danish website or software localization project with confidence.

We can professionally translate any Danish website regardless of the source code or Content Management System.

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Max. file size: 8.0 MB
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