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Translation To and From Filipino

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Filipino into English and from English into Filipino.
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Filipino English Translation
English Filipino Translation

Are you looking for an expert translation service for Filipino language translations? Whether you are planning to establish business operations in the Philippines, or analyze the labor and outsourcing opportunities that this emerging market can offer, EVS Translations USA is your ideal partner for expert Filipino translation services.

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Filipino / Tagalog Translators

Filipino and Tagalog translations - EVS Translations USA

The formal name of the language spoken in the Philippines is Tagalog. From among the estimated 70 different dialects and languages spoken in the Philippines, Tagalog was chosen as the national language by the National Language Institute in 1937. When the Philippines regained their independence from the United States in 1946, Tagalog became the official language of the nation alongside English. Tagalog is a language with many dialects and is notable for its complex verbal system, which makes it difficult to translate with complete accuracy. Wether you are looking for a translation into Tagalog or from Tagalog into English, our Tagalog translators will translate your project quickly and reliably.

If you are interested in our Filipino translation service, call us today at +1-404-523-5560

Expert Filipino Translators

EVS Translations is a translation company that offers 25 years of professional translation experience and a full range of Filipino language services. A strong team of Filipino translators enables us to translate documents from English to Filipino and Filipino to English quickly and at a competitive price.

For larger projects we assemble our Filipino translation teams according to their knowledge of your specific industry sector. Every translation is proofread and edited by a second Filipino translator to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and quality.

Specialty Filipino Translations

  • Mining & energy translations: Our Filipino to English and English to Filipino translation teams have the mining and energy industry knowledge for: feasibility, hydro-geological and environmental impact studies, annual reports, bids & tenders and marketing material.
  • Automotive translations: We assign Filipino automotive translation projects to our specialist automotive translators for documents within the areas of automotive and industrial equipment, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and telecommunications
  • Engineering translations: We offer multilingual globalization solutions for Filipino language translation requirements for the engineering sector
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