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Translation To and From French

EVS Translations USA is a leading provider of corporate industry-specific English to French and French to English translation services.
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What Makes our French Language Services Stand out?

We are one of the few international translation companies that has been awarded both the DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 17100:2015 (aimed specifically at translation service providers) certifications. The client receives quality-certified French specialist translations, along with French proofreading, text and web localisation services, and French desktop publishing.

We have been on the market for over 25 years, providing high-quality French business language services, by assembling French translation teams in line with industry-specific requirements and maintaining an in-house French terminology management, to guarantee cost-effective solutions for French language projects of every size

Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager, as a central point of contact, and regardless of whether you require European French or Canadian French translation services – your project will always be executed in-house by one of our teams of in-house native speaker French translators in the US, Canada, Europe and Africa.

Secure data handling for all your confidential translation documentation (sensitive data, patents, intellectual property and etc.), backed up by a certified high-performance computer centre.

One-stop Translation Solutions for All Your French Projects

French english translation - EVS Translations USA

EVS Translations USA facilitates the business of many industry leading corporations, providing a full portfolio of language services for French projects from all industry sectors. With particular expertise in the areas of:




French Legal and Financial Translations: transcription and court services, compliance documents, contracts, patents, financial audits and financial reports.

If you are, for instance, an investment firm looking for professional French financial translation services, EVS Translations is the right choice. Your financial translation is assigned to in-house translators and in-house proofreaders with extensive experience in investment banking, financial, compliance, legislation, audits and tax law.

French website translation and multimedia language solutions: French website and software localisation services, French video translation – voiceovers and subtitling, and French e-learning support.

Going steps further ahead the competition, not that we only translate websites into French, regardless of your CMS, but our team of French web optimization and marketing experts offer diverse solutions for your French SEO needs.

French Technical Translations: documents related to automotive research and development, mechanical engineering, and biotechnology

In Our Words: “EVS Translations recently was asked to translate English to French of a newsletter regarding the latest design projects from across the globe for a tier 1 automotive supplier. While the texts covered company-specific news, such as changes to framework contracts and how they will affect employees, the material also included plans for future projects and a review of industry innovations from plastic electronics to stretchable solar cells. The informative text contained industry-specific and company-specific terminology, assuming prior knowledge of the materials and design concepts involved.”

If you would like to discuss your upcoming projects or inquire about prices, delivery times, and our additional French language services:

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Max. file size: 8.0 MB
Permitted file extensions:
zip, doc, docx, pdf

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