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Translation To and From Malay

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Malay into English and from English into Malay.
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Malay English Translation
English Malay Translation

With a recognized expertise within the language industry and a strong team of Malay native-speaker translators and reviewers, EVS Translations USA is your ideal partner for Malay language services. Our strong team of Malay native-speaker translators translates your corporate documents from English to Malay and Malay to English quickly and professionally.

With around 200 million speakers around the world, Malay is among the world's most spoken languages. Malay is not only among the official languages of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, but is also spoken natively in Thailand, Christmas Island, and the Cocos Islands. In its written form, Malay normally uses Rumi, a Latin alphabet, although another Malay script, a modified Arabic one called Jawi is also used. Rumi is the official script in Singapore and Malaysia, while it is co-official with Jawi in Brunei.

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Expert Malay Language Services

Malay translations - EVS Translations USA

Finding a professional Malay language service provider is imperative for any company entering the markets mentioned above. Yet finding a reliable language partner is a very challenging task. We have been providing quality Malay translation, interpretation and localization services for over 25 years. Whether your Malay translation project is small or large, EVS Translations is always there to assist you with your language service needs, worldwide. Our team of Malay native speaker translators is headed by professional proofreaders, reviewers and project managers who are also native speakers of the Malay language to ensure consistency across assignments.

If you are interested in our Malay translation services, contact us today at +1 404-523-5560.

Malay Translation Services For All Industry Sectors

EVS Translations has a team of qualified and highly experienced Malay translators to cover the translation of all document types and for all industry sectors. We can establish special Malay translator teams for your industry area and produce high-quality translations in line with international standards.

Our Malay translation services include:

EVS Translations is the simple one-stop solution to all your Malay language service needs.

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