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Translation To and From Uzbek

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Uzbek into English and from English into Uzbek.
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Uzbek English Translation
English Uzbek Translation

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Uzbek into English and from English into Uzbek. Our in-house team of specialized translators and proofreaders provides high-quality language services for corporate and private clients. Streamlined workflows and dedicated account managers guarantee consistent and cost-effective solutions for projects of every size.

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Expert Uzbek Translators

Uzbek translation - EVS Translations USA

EVS Translations strategically assembles its Uzbek translation teams in line with your industry-specific requirements, while experienced proofreaders ensure that the Uzbek document translations meet the international quality standards DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 17100:2015.

This approach is ideal for corporate clients operating in specialized industries where consistency and expertise are paramount. The Uzbek team at EVS Translations consists of highly experienced native speakers with extensive experience in the energy, mining, and manufacturing sectors.

If you are looking for an Uzbek translation partner that values quality and customer service, then contact EVS Translations USA.

Uzbek Mining And Minerals Translation Services

Our Uzbek to English and English to Uzbek translation teams have the mining and mineral industry knowledge and language expertise to handle any translation project: from feasibility, hydro-geological, and environmental impact studies to annual reports, bids & tenders and marketing materials.

Translation Solutions For All Your Uzbek Projects

EVS Translations only employs specialized translators who work exclusively into their native language. In order to meet the exact requirements of our clients, we assign specialized translator teams on a project specific basis. This practice ensures that you receive the best possible translation, every time. Specialist areas of Uzbek translations at EVS Translations include:

EVS Translations also offers translations into German, Russian, and Chinese.

Uzbek translator

"Finding professional and specialized Uzbek translators in the United States  can be a challenging. EVS Translations, thanks to offices in Bulgaria and the UK,  has the capability to translate and proofread even highly specialized Uzbek to English and English to Uzbek translations in-house. For instance, we recently completed the translation of official documentation and sensitive visa materials for a U.S. client."

Phone: 404-523-5560;  Email: usa(at)

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Max. file size: 8.0 MB
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Did you know that Uzbek was one of the few languages where an official change was made from an Arabic script to a Latin script and then to Cyrillic? Today, the people of Uzbekistan write again in a Latin script.

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