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Translation Technology

Automate the translation activity across your corporation with the help of our global team of translation technology experts

Translation Technology Solutions Customized to the Needs of Your Business

As technological innovations have developed to make translation services smarter than ever, EVS Translations is shifting ahead, transitioning from a single source LSP to a smart translation technology company.

We offer a suite of highly customizable translation technology solutions to best answer your individual corporate needs and high quality demands, and our in-house translation technology experts are here to advise you on the translation technologies that most efficiently integrate into your existing systems.

Translation Management and Platform Solutions

The translation management system supports your entire translation process from the creation of translation-oriented texts to the project and workflow control to the translation, correction, and release.

A streamlined project management and customizable workflows automate the translation activity across your corporation. CAT tools, or Computer Assisted Translation tools, and Translation Memory Software are used to optimize the production process and support the translators. This forms the basis for effective content management and greater value for corporate clients.

Common CAT tools: SDL Trados Studio, STAR Transit NXT, Across, and memoQ

Automate the translation activity across your corporation with the help of our global team of translation technology experts.

Terminology Management in Conjunction with Our Clients

Proper terminology management can lead to an increase in overall efficiency, better adaptation of your products and services to global markets and local needs, easier legal and standard compliance, and a better customer experience.

At EVS Translations, our in-house terminology experts work with you to create databases, glossaries, style guides and reference materials that help consolidate your corporate terminology; and our project managers and terminology team review, update and manage your client-specific database to ensure your content always accurately reflects your company and strengthens your corporate identity.

Customized glossaries, style guides and reference materials for your business are stored within a terminology database, and hosted and managed on a highly secure external computer centre, with access to your terminology database set up via our secure online transfer portal.

Commonly used terminology management systems: SDL MultiTerm, crossTerm and TermStar NXT.

Your Global Team of 25 Translation Technology Experts

At EVS Translations innovation and cutting-edge technology are a priority focus in all areas of work, from software we use to latest industry trends and best practices matching the latest DIN ISO standards.

Our in-house team of 25 translation technology experts in 8 global locations keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest technology innovations to offer you customized solutions to best automate all your corporate translation workflows into one state-of-the-art data management system that could also be integrated with your own content management system.

Translating over 50 000 sentences daily into tens of languages for over 25 years now, our specialized Big Data, structured in terminology specific clusters, is at the heart of our accurate MT tool environment.

And last but not least, our translation technology experts work with virtually all file types to deliver expert translated content with a slick final presentation - across print, digital platforms and audio-visual media.

Translation Engineering EVS Translations

We do have the technological tools and the expert personnel to manage your content professionally, so it becomes an asset, not a drain on resources.

Jonathan Flathmann - Head of Translation Technology Development

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