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Translation Management Platform

Translation management software solutions for corporate clients with large translation volumes

Smart Translation Management Technology

Solutions for very large translation volumes with tight turnaround times are sought after by many global corporations, but businesses do not always recognize the full potential of translation management technology to automate the translation process and integrate a coordinated approach towards using translation services across all corporate departments.

EVS Translations helps global companies to design, refine or restructure the processes executed throughout the translation project life cycle. With advice on integrating translation management technology for greater efficiency, reducing costs and administrative effort, all while gaining greater value and improving data security, we make translation smarter for you.

EVS Translations’ TM Platform Solutions

EVS Translations’ platform solutions integrate different TM technologies - designed to automate and simplify the translation process, enhance data security and improve productivity - and allow corporate clients with on-going language requirements to capture the full value of translation services.

The coordinated approach to high-volumes of translations ensures that all information is securely tracked through every step in the translation process (whether using internal or external resources) and that the value of services delivered is not undermined.

It is important to note that the client maintains data ownership at all times and strict process barriers restrict access and editing rights to selected individuals, thus ensuring data protection according to the GDPR.

EVS Translations’ customer platform allows appointed authorized administrators to autonomously obtain quotes for translations, place orders and receive real-time progress reports, manage invoices and generate spend reports.

Translation Order Management in-Brief



EVS Translations offers platform solutions for translation management to corporations with a high level of demand with the following services:

Additional premium services are available upon consultation and request. Contact our in-house translation technology department now: Contact.

EVS Translations effectively uses all translation management technology tools to your advantage, so you can fulfill your core tasks with even greater success. Our TM platform solutions help your business go further and create long-term value. We’re ready, are you? Call EVS Translations USA: +1 404 523 5560 or use our contact form.

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