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Software Localization

Multilayered approach to software localization helps EVS Translations focus on quality assurance and continuous product improvement.
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Multilingual Software and Apps

Software manufacturers, developers and companies are sold on EVS Translations when it comes to the optimized localization of user interfaces. We assign only experienced translators and project managers specializing in software localization. They coordinate your project from start to finish so that your software can make a grand entrance on a global scale!

Translation of User Interfaces

Mobel phone with fingers localization of apps
  • Dialog windows and fields, menus, strings and error/status messages
  • Help files, Java files and readme files
  • Manuals, installation guides, packaging, inserts, labels and warranty certificates

All Aspects of Software Localization From a Single Source

We take a multilayered approach to your software localization, with a view to continual process and quality improvements. EVS Translations offers tailored solutions for software localization from a single source, including:

  • Scaling of dialog windows and menus, assignment of keyboard shortcuts, creation of installation programs and bitmap editing
  • Software tests
  • Linguistic tests
  • User interface tests
  • Functionality tests
  • QA tests

We look forward to assisting you with your next software localization task. Contact our local office in Atlanta for more details.

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