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Multilingual Translation

EVS Translations delivers high-quality, streamlined, and cost-effective multilingual translation services of any complexity and scope resulting in guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Global Reach with Local Appeal

Use EVS Translations for your multilingual translation projects for a high-quality, streamlined, and cost-effective approach that will guarantee results.

Are you looking to make an impact in those lucrative international markets? If so, you are probably aware of the difficulties concerned with translating vital documents. Not only must translations be so accurate that they retain the meaning of the original document, but you also have to take localization into consideration.

For best results, your translations must appeal to the culture, the customs and the preferences of an international audience. If you cannot resonate with them on a personal, localized level, then you might as well stay at home.

Translations are challenging enough for businesses when you’re only working with one language. But what if your exciting project calls for translation into many languages?

Nobody has the time or the resources to approach each required language on an individual basis. That’s why hundreds of businesses each year turn to EVS Translations, and our expert multilingual translation services.

What Are the Benefits of Multilingual Translation?

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  1. A streamlined approach – With seven offices in five countries and the capacity to work across time zones, EVS Translations is able to provide high-quality multilingual translation services with very fast turnaround times.
  2. The expertise of a native speaker – Every translation we provide is written by a native speaker, for a native speaker. You will get an accurate multilingual translation that truly resonates with your target audiences.
  3. Quality as standard – We are fully DIN ISO 9001:2015 accredited, and we adhere to exacting DIN ISO 17100 quality standards. All multilingual translation projects are checked by experienced proofreaders to ensure the highest possible standards of quality and consistency.
  4. The assistance of a translator who understands your industry – We strategically arrange our multilingual translation teams in line with your industry-specific needs. All translators assigned to your project will be familiar with the complex terminology and subtle nuances associated with your sector, so you can be sure that nothing will ever be lost in translation.

Multilingual Translations Services - Request a Quote Today

We specialize in offering professional multilingual translation services to businesses in the technical, financial, legal, IT, and software industries.

For more information on our multilingual translation services, please call +1 404 523 5560.

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