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Translation To and From Chinese

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Chinese into English and from English into Chinese.
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Single-Source Chinese Language Services

Aligned with its customers’ requirements, EVS Translations offers the entire range of Chinese language services from a single source. This covers the translation of documents from and into Chinese, Chinese website and software localization, as well as Chinese voice-overs and subtitles and Chinese desktop publishing solutions.

EVS Translations always combines the individual components of project performance – in-house native-speaker Chinese language experts for translation and proofreading with IT and Chinese DTP experts for pre- and post-processing, located in offices across China, USA and Europe and committed to answer all your Chinese translation project’s needs 24/7 with no compromises on quality.

For customers with in-house language service departments, project management takes on the role of coordinating translation management and administration.

Custom software solutions ensure secure data handling for all your confidential Chinese translation documentation (sensitive data, patents, intellectual property) and allow you to achieve exceptional quality at optimum value.

One of the few international translation companies that has been awarded both the DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 17100:2015 (aimed specifically at translation service providers) certifications is your ideal partner for all your business Chinese language projects.

Your advantages: short turn-around times and reliable, scalable quality performed by industry experts and in-house employees.

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Localization Testing: What Makes Chinese Different?

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Thanks to rapid economic growth in Asia, Chinese has now become the "language of the future" for many global businesses. However, Chinese is not one language but rather a family of languages, comprised of seven major dialects and over 1000 smaller ones, and with a highly complex alphabet, it is also one of the most difficult languages to master. So, while Mandarin Chinese is the official language of China, inhabitants of Shanghai are more likely speak Wu Chinese, whereas those of Hong Kong and Macau tend to communicate in Cantonese. Written Chinese is no less complex, with more than 50,000 Chinese characters and two different forms of written communication - Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

EVS Translations knows all these Chinese language specific differences inside-out and produces Chinese language solutions in the format most suitable for its intended audience. Additionally, local market research, along with in-country linguistic and functionality testing services are provided.

Corporate Chinese Translations from Industry Experts

After 25 years on the market and having one of the largest pools of in-house specialist translators, EVS Translations’ Chinese linguists and industry experts are well familiar with the complex terminology, specific to your industry.

In-House Translations Engineering department performs all preparatory tasks (formatting, terminology updates, TM management) under the supervision and direction of project management, to achieve higher efficiency in terms of translation volume and to increase the potential of your business on the Chinese market.

EVS Translations facilitates the business of many industry leading corporate clients, providing a full portfolio of language services for Chinese projects from all industry sectors.
With particular expertise in the areas of:

Chinese Legal Documentation Translations – commercial contracts, incorporation, patents, intellectual property. Along with liability, litigation, discovery and court transcription services.

Chinese Financial Documentation Translations – documents relating to compliance, financial audits, annual reports, tax reports.

Chinese Technical Documentation Translations - documents related to automotive research and development, mechanical engineering, and chemicals.

Chinese Voice-overs - services with transcription, time coding, subtitling, and the provision of voice talents in the recording studio for video and audio formats.

Chinese Localization
In Our Words

“In a recent project, EVS Translations translated information regarding online security for children into Chinese. The aim of this text was to increase awareness about personal data, online security, and the risks posed by chat rooms. The project involved the translation of song texts and crossword puzzles, which required a high level of localization due to differences between the European and Chinese alphabets.”

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If you are looking for a translation partner that values quality and customer service and has 25 years of experience in providing Chinese translation services for international corporations around the globe, contact EVS Translations USA:

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EVS Translations Book Museum

Chinese dictionary, chinese old book, chinese translations

Werner Rüdenberg was an export merchant and sinologist born in Hanover, Germany, in November 1881. He was sent by a Berlin textile import company to China and spent a total of 16 years in Shanghai over a 30 year period. This experience would inspire him to compile the world’s first Chinese to German dictionary, with the first edition published in 1924 and the second in 1936 (Chinesisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch). Instead of returning home to his homeland, Rüdenberg travelled to Great Britain where he arrived in London in 1938 and taught for a few months at the School of Oriental Studies. It was here that he received a grant to work on his English to Chinese dictionary (Shanghai dialect), which would become an important reference for interpreters, merchants and missionaries, as well as sinologists and students. In 1940, was interned in a camp on the Isle of Man and later went on to teach German at Westfield College, London, while continuing with his merchant activities with China. This rare first edition dictionary marks the start of reference works that facilitated understanding of Chinese languages for Europeans.

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