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EVS Translations service is dedicated exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.

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Translation To and From Dutch

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Dutch into English and from English into Dutch.
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Dutch-English Translation and
English-Dutch Translation

Expert translation service for Dutch translations!

EVS Translations USA has been providing quality Dutch translation, interpretation, and localization services for over 25 years. As a company headquartered in Europe, working with EVS Translations allows you to access a highly specialized team of native-speaker Dutch translators and reviewers, not only from English into Dutch and Dutch into English, but also from Dutch into and from a variety of other languages. 

Expert Dutch Translators providing Dutch Translation Services for all Industry Sectors

Dutch english translation - EVS Translations USA

Our certified Dutch translation services are ideal for companies operating across industry sectors within Dutch-speaking markets. The EVS  team of qualified and highly experienced Dutch translators will enable you to cover the translation of all document types and for all industry sectors in one place. All projects are processed in a highly optimized and controlled workflow certified to the very latest ISO and DIN requirements. If you are looking to consolidate business opportunities in Dutch-speaking markets while increasing productivity in your translation process, EVS Translations is your ideal partner. 

Whether your Dutch translation project is small or large, EVS Translations will provide the linguistic expertise you require and add value to your language needs. 

Dutch Translators And Localization Experts

Dr. Florian Schwieger, Business Development Manager, EVS Translations USA

An in-house team of web professionals and quality assurance editors allow us to handle your online portfolio from start to finish, including Dutch website translations, quality testing and updated management as well as software localization projects. We can optimize any Dutch website regardless of the source code or content management system.

For your next Dutch translation project, call 404 523 5560.

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