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The German Experts

EVS Translations: one of the largest teams of in-house German-English-German translators worldwide
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Certified German Translations by In-house Personnel

EVS Translations – an international translation company, headquartered in Germany - has one of the largest teams of in-house German translators worldwide.
As a result, 92% of all German-English and English-German language projects are processed entirely by own in-house personnel.

Global offices and a fully scalable network of in-country linguists allow clients to effectively streamline their German translation process and receive service whenever they need it, wherever they need it.

One of the few language service providers that has been awarded both the DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 17100:2015 (aimed specifically at translation service providers) certifications is your ideal partner for all your business German language projects.

And the company has been setting the benchmark for quality German translations for over 25 years, having 51 of the Top 100 listed companies in Germany as its clients.

Furthermore, every year, EVS Translations processes more than 35,000 individual projects in over 112 language combinations for a wide range of vertical industries.

Your advantages: short turn-around times and reliable, scalable quality performed by industry experts and in-house employees.

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Expert Services Made in Germany and USA

German English translation - EVS Translations USA

For the language pairs German-English and English-German alone, the company employs 38 in-house translators and proofreaders. Expert native-speaker German translators in three German production offices in Berlin, Munich, and Offenbach perform the German translations at EVS Translations. And German translator teams in Atlanta, US and Nottingham, UK offices provide additional resources and the ability to deliver projects around the clock.

The German team consists of linguists who have country- or industry-specific certifications, along with sworn, court-certified German translators.

The team of 150 full-time employees includes German translation engineers, IT specialists and SEO experts. These extensive German in-house capacities paired with custom software solutions allow clients to achieve exceptional quality at optimum value.

Whether your project requires German web translation or software localization, German DTP or file engineering, German voiceovers or subtitling, or local German market linguistic or functionality testing – you will always be assigned a dedicated account manager as a central point of contact.

Industry-specific German Solutions by a Market Leader

Increase the potential of your business on the German market by industry-specific German translation services, provided by a market leader.

Specialized in high-quality language services specifically designed for the requirements of global corporations and government institutions, EVS Translations leverages controlled, certified and streamlined workflows, innovative technology and exceptional human talent to guarantee consistent and cost-effective solutions for corporate German projects of every size.

Extensive terminology databases and customer glossaries are a fundamental element of the industry-specific German translation services. Translation Engineering specialist department performs all preparatory tasks (formatting and terminology management) under the supervision of project management.

EVS Translations facilitates the business of many industry leading corporate clients, providing a full portfolio of language services for German projects from all industry sectors.
With particular expertise in the areas of:

German Legal Documentation Translations – commercial contracts, incorporation, patents, intellectual property. Along with liability, litigation, discovery and court transcription services.

German Financial Documentation Translations – documents relating to compliance, financial audits, annual reports, tax reports.

German Technical Documentation Translations - documents related to automotive research and development, mechanical engineering, and life sciences. 

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If you would like to discuss your upcoming projects or inquire about prices, delivery times, or our additional German language services:

Call our team in Atlanta: +1 404-523-5560 (corporate clients only)

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EVS Translations USA is a proud member of:

German American Chambers of Commerce

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