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Translation To and From Greek

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Greek into English and from English into Greek.
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Greek Translation

The Greek language can be traced back over 37 centuries to 2,000 BC, and is one of the oldest spoken languages still in use. In days gone by, Greek was spoken by many famous historical figures, from Plato to Alexander the Great, and today it is in use by 13 million native speakers worldwide. However, since the vast majority of people who visit Greek-speaking destinations can't speak the language, or even decipher its alphabet, there continues to be a great demand for professional translation services.

What Makes Greek Different?

Greek English translation - EVS Translations USA

Greek is an official language in Greece and Cyprus, as well as an official minority language in Turkey, Albania and the Ukraine. It has its roots in Ancient Greek rather than Latin, the language that led to the birth of the Romance languages. Greek has undergone many changes during its long history, although Demotic Greek has been the official language of Greece since 1976, some of the ancient dialogues continue to survive, and there remain subtle differences between Cretan, Pontic, and Cypriot Greek. At EVS Translations we have twenty years of experience with the Greek language in all of its forms, so our expert teams possess all the experience necessary to meet your localization needs.

Greek Translation Solutions

As well as translation to Greek, we also offer translation from Greek for use in a wide range of projects, spanning from tourism brochures to export agreements. Our linguists work exclusively in their fields of expertise in order to provide high-quality translations for specialized industries such as ship-building and mechanical engineering. By assigning teams on a project specific basis we are able to provide translation solutions for complex assignments, including corporate marketing materials for the tourism industry and compliance documents for the legal sector. This model ensures that all of the Greek translations we produce are in line with international standards and government regulations, as well as any additional requirements your company might have. In addition, all of our translators and proofreaders are native speakers who are able to produce fast, reliable, and consistent translations whenever you need them.

In Our Words

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, but few of the millions of visitors that Greece attracts every year are capable of speaking or reading Greek. In order to accommodate tourists, hotels and travel agencies offer bilingual menus, brochures, and tours. EVS Translations frequently translates such materials into English, French, Italian, and other popular languages spoken by tourists who visit Greece.

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What Is Your Greek Translation Project?

Whether you're a restaurant wanting to produce an English translation of your Greek menu, or a small business that needs an English translation of local legislation, we can match you with an expert team to suit your needs. To discuss how we can assist you with your project, please call us at +1-404-523-5560 or request an online quote here:

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