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EVS Translations service is dedicated exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.

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Translation To and From Korean

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Korean into English and from English into Korean.
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Corporate Korean Translation Projects – Don’t Take Any Shortcuts

Instead of splitting your corporate Korean translation project between different Language Service Providers, take the quality- and cost- effective advantages of EVS Translations full portfolio of in-house Korean language solutions.

In-house teams of Korean native-speaker translators, reviewers, industry experts and IT engineers from offices in Korea, USA and Europe committed to answer all your Korean translation project’s needs 24/7, offering a rapid turnaround with no compromises on quality.

Whether your project requires Korean proofreading and reviewing, Korean web translation or software localization, Korean DTP or file engineering, Korean voiceovers, time coding or subtitling, or local Korean market testing – you will always be assigned a dedicated account manager as a central point of contact. Furthermore, an ERM system is there to help you centralize and automate all your Korean translation project processes and workflows into one location.

Choosing one of the few international translation companies that has been awarded both the DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 17100:2015 (aimed specifically at translation service providers) certifications as your partner for all your business Korean language projects, guarantees consistent quality in line with international standards.

Customized delivery systems and secure processes, backed up by a certified high-performance computer centre, ensure the secure data handling for all your confidential Korean translation documentation (sensitive data, patents, intellectual property and etc.).

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Business Korean Language Services from Experts, Who Understand Your Industry

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Increase the potential of your business on the Korean market by industry-specific Korean translation services, provided by a market leader.
After 25 years on the market and having one of the largest pools of in-house specialist translators, EVS Translations Korean linguists and industry experts are well familiar with the complex terminology specific to your industry.

A few examples of recently executed Korean translations projects by industry:
Korean Technical Translations for automotive research and development, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and electronics.

Korean Financial Documentation Translations – documents relating to compliance, financial audits, annual reports, tax reports.

Korean Legal Documentation Translations – commercial contracts, incorporation, patents, intellectual property. Along with liability, litigation, discovery and court transcription services.

Korean IT and Web Services - hardware manuals, and Korean website translation and software localization services

In Our Words: At EVS Translations, we understand that the Korean translation is only half of the task and localization is equally as important if you wish to communicate clearly with native speakers of your target language. Indeed, the most effective translations do not read like translations at all. Instead, they read like they were written by native speakers, for native speakers. If you wish to truly resonate with an international audience, it is essential that you use the services of a professional translation agency.

Professional Korean Services – Request A Quote Today!

If you would like to discuss your upcoming projects or inquire about prices, delivery times, and our additional Korean language services:

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