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EVS Translations service is dedicated exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.

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Translation To and From Thai

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Thai into English and from English into Thai.
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Thai English Translation
English Thai Translation

EVS Translations USA offers professional translations from Thai into English and from English into Thai. Our in-house team of specialized translators and proofreaders has more than 25 years of experience in providing high-quality language services for corporate and private clients. Streamlined workflows and dedicated account managers guarantee consistent and cost-effective solutions for projects of every size.

If you are looking for a Thai translation partner that values quality and customer service, then contact EVS Translations USA.

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Expert Thai Translators

Thai translations - EVS Translations USA

Thai translations at EVS Translations USA are performed by professional translators who work exclusively in their field of expertise. This approach is ideal for companies operating in specialized industries where consistency and expertise are paramount. The Thai team at EVS Translations consists of highly experienced native speakers who routinely translate legal documents, computer games, and financial reports.

We establish Thai translator teams for your specific needs and produce high-quality Thai translations in line with international standards, government regulations, and corporate guidelines.

Thai Translations

If you would like to discuss your projects or inquire about prices, delivery times, and our additional Thai translation services, please call +1-404-523-5560.

Translation Solutions For All Your Thai Projects

EVS only employs specialized translators who work exclusively into their native language. In order to meet the exact requirements of our clients, we assign specialized translator teams on a project-specific basis. This practice ensures that you receive the best possible translation, every time. Specialist areas of Thai translations at EVS Translations include:

  • Technical: documents related to all sectors of telecommunications, energy and automotive production and development
  • Business: marketing materials for the timber, fishing, and tourism industries
  • Financial and Legal: contracts and financial documents
  • IT and Gaming: software strings and video game content

EVS Translations also offers translations into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese

Online Video Game Translation

Project: Online Video Game Translation

"As part of the implementation of the online game, EVS translated software strings and game content. Video game translations can be particularly challenging and require a keen eye for detail, as the software code in which the actual content is embedded cannot be changed in the translation process. Otherwise programmers will not be able to use the translated strings."

Phone: 404-523-5560; Email: usa(at)

Thai Website And Software Translations

In addition to expert translators and proofreaders, EVS Translations also employs an in-house team of Thai script encoding web professionals and software developers. This in-house chain of language and software specialists enables us to manage your entire language needs, from website localization to search engine optimization.
If you are interested in our services and rates for Thai translations, contact us today at +1 404-523-5560.

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