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Project Management

Global project management for businesses with high-volume translation demand

Project Management for High-Volume Translation Demand

Translation is a multistage process of pre-production, production and post production; and there are two paramount elements to producing scalable smart services: in-house linguistic talent and robust management of the entire life-cycle of a language project. EVS Translations has all the elements to efficiently integrate into corporate workflows and teams to perform as a dedicated language department for businesses working across multiple international markets and which experience high-volume translation demand.

Such complex projects often require translation into multiple languages, the use of specialized software for terminology management and IT or DTP expertise, and our dedicated project managers have all the essential skills to accurately coordinate our global in-house resources and technology and to efficiently fit the clients’ existing capacities for optimal results in any language.

One Project Management Team, 8 Global Locations

The in-house project management team - at all 8 global locations of EVS Translations - works accordingly to streamlined work processes and ISO-certified quality management standards to ensure that each and every aspect of a client's project is completed as per its specific parameters and with high precision and accuracy.

Individual project managers communicate and coordinate projects with our global in-house teams of linguists, translation engineers, administrators and account managers, as well as provide customer support on an on-going basis.

Furthermore, EVS Translations’ project managers are here to consult and recommend improvements on the client-side, where appropriate to do so; and to ensure that the quality of translated content is maintained over the long-term overseeing correct implementation of terminology management and client feedback.

Our in-house teams at 8 global locations assure an uninterrupted coverage on all projects and quality at scale even within tight time-frames. 


Project monitoring made easy - with trained project managers and translation platform solutions

Clients can easily keep track of ongoing and completed translation projects using software platform solutions. Project management software enables detailed process tracking of the individual working steps and in real time (for example, when a new query is created, or a project is completed, the authorized by the client administrators will automatically be notified) and significantly reduces administrative efforts and project costs.

EVS Translations’ platform solutions integrate different TM technologies designed to improve productivity while ensuring data protection according to the GDPR. Learn more here: Translation Management Platform

Do you want to outsource all your translation needs or do you need help with refining or restructuring your own business processes executed throughout a project life-cycle?
EVS Translations will send a qualified project manager on-site!

Through the integration of translation management software for greater efficiency and by a uniform dedicated project management and stringent quality control, we help your business go further and create long-term value. We’re ready, are you? 

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